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    OMG Followers ! My fav greek russian chub is getting more & more naughty. The last WC-session he broadcasted privately was so hot, the pics speak for themselves… Please let me know if that guy is given’ you a hardon as well. Or send me maybe some pics how you were wanking whilst adoring this photo set. Cheers.

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    Here’s my favorite Greek Chub again. As you can see, fresh haircut and also nicely shaved. Unbelievable but this time he cummed on cam. Look how sticky and sweet. Gosh, I’ve still got a hard on ….

    Damn he’s cute.

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    horny bear gives himself a facial [video]

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    I know him

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    Cute Str8 Ginger Bear

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    Glad you guys like these! This guy was one of my favorites, too.

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    Why not another?

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