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    Wet Wednesday with demonkiddee

    Jesus fucking christ.

    This is doing things to me

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  4. photocub69:

    yes he is the same blonde cub as in the solo set… he is hot and there are a lot more pics of him with the other guy…. they are hot but not as hot as him all alone thus the one post … follow him on xtube. and give him a rattin on bear oics (www.bearpics.com)

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    Oh white one, I sink into your downy fur
    By Dionysus, we copulate in the streets
    Ginger One, be on my lips and tongue
    Red and Orange I am Mercury to your Sun

    my poem comet returns!

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  7. ace0329:


    Well here you go guys my birthday present to you! Sorry for the blurry cum shot :p

    :-) Hot!

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    A cub so hot I had to give him 2 sets. (part 2)

    :-) So hot!

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